How to repay?

We try to make our service as convenient as possible. The repayment process is described below.

1. Debit order deduction

When you apply for the loan, we arrange debit order deduction of your loan repayment from your verified bank account. The payment will be deducted on the due date. Please make sure there are enough funds in your account before or on the due date. If you decide to repay the loan before or after the due date, an alternative payment option is available through our partner, OZOW.


2. Payment through OZOW

You can repay your loan faster and more conveniently online using OZOW:

  • Press “Repay online” option on your personal account at

  • Use the repayment link LendPlus sends in SMS or email notifications;
  • Through OZOW website application directly.

Completing the payment requires just 4 simple steps: choose your bank, input your login details, select your bank account, and confirm the payment.