How to get a loan?

Fill out the client form. It is important to provide complete information otherwise you will not be able to submit your application. After submitting your application, our team will review it. We try to speed up the review process as much as possible.

What do I need to apply?

1. A valid SA ID;
2. Latest 3 months bank statements;
3. A valid cell phone number.

What is debicheck?

A DebiCheck debit order is a new debit order electronically confirmed by the consumer, with their bank or service provider, on a once-off basis, at the start of a new contract that has been signed up with a company. DebiCheck is a new way in which the consumer can control how certain debit order collections are made from their bank account. DebiCheck ensures that consumers are in control of and aware of debit orders being processed to their bank account. Additionally, it provides the company or service provider that consumers are dealing with, with the comfort of knowing that the consumer has acknowledged and is aware of these debit orders.

When is my loan due date?

This information, as well as other loan details, are available on your personal account. In case of any problems accessing your account, please contact us between 8AM -5PM Monday-Friday through +27 71 868 5388.

When can I get loan?

During business hours, the process of reviewing and transferring money takes 1 hour.

How do I check the payment amount?

You can easily check all loan details on your personal account or contact us via phone number +27 71 868 5388 from 8AM – 5PM Monday-Friday.

What if I pay my loan late?

We encourage you to pay off your loan on/immediately before the due date to maintain your good credit history. In the event that you pay late, a late fee will apply. If you are experiencing financial difficulties and can’t pay your loan, please contact us at +27 71 872 4041 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday to find the optimal payment solution.

How is money credited?

We send money to the bank account you specify automatically after the loan is approved and you sign the loan agreement.

Is LendPlus legit?

We operate in strict accordance with the laws of South Arica. Registered company details: Lendplus Technology (Pty) Ltd is a company duly incorporated and registered under the laws of South Africa, with a company registration no. 2023 / 805154 / 07 and the National Credit Regulator registration number NCRCP17814

How long does LendPlus take to pay out?

During business hours (specified on the website), processing the request takes from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

However, the process of receiving money may be delayed, since banks do not send money on weekends and outside working hours. In this case, we can offer the transfer of funds to the eWallet (transfer instantly, regardless of the day of the week). To do this, you need to select a eWallet when submitting an application.

How do I pay back my LendPlus loan?

Detailed instructions are described in the How to repay section on the website

What is the email address for LendPlus?

Our email [email protected]

You can also call us at +27 71 868 5388 or write a message in the online chat.

What is the limit of LendPlus loan?

We approve amounts up to ZAR 4,000. This amount is available only to repeat customers.

How to get loan in 5 minutes?

We cannot promise to receive a loan in 5 minutes, but we will try to reduce the waiting time to the maximum. To do this, you need to fill out an application and (if the loan is approved) sign an agreement